Hold My Beer Foundation

"Hold My Beer is a catchphrase said before attempting a dangerous and/or ill-advised stunt."

A word from our Founder:

I've got big plans and big dreams but these didn't develop from sitting around thinking about how things should become easier for others, but by struggling for two decades with a really challenging journey: parenting three disabled kiddos by myself...

while making every possible mistake along the way.

But I did it. I found the support and services that my children needed for their disabilities. What I also found was a serious lack of support FOR US - the Caregivers and Caretakers.

What's my motto?  Find a need, fill a need. So I turned this personal struggle turned life purpose into a nonprofit to serve others on February 14, 2019.

Thank you for supporting my journey to support others. 

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"Our families may comprise less than 2% of the population, but caring for them is 100% of our world." ~ Julie Marie Miller

Our Mission

An organization created to give care and support to the Caregivers.

Our Goal is to be here during moments of crisis for the caregivers of individuals who are affected by Hidden Disabilities; Addiction, Developmental Disabilities, Acute Mental Illness, Personality Disorders.


Our Mission is to fill the gap between Social Services, Medical Insurance, aging parents, Regional Center Services and REALITY by providing immediate relief, resources, referrals and respite to those who love and care for others affected by these conditions.


Our Intent is to create an open and real dialogue that eliminates stigma and shame.


Our Vision

(Or what our Founder calls the "End Game.")

During my Parenting Coaching and online communications, I experience a connection with other parents who just need to feel heard, understood, not pitied. 

I find myself saying frequently; "We may only be less than 2% of the population, but our kids are 100% of our world."

Respite agencies are shorthanded.

Respite workers underpaid.

Services often take 4-6 months.

My long-term goal is to build/buy/beg/steal enough to purchase a B&B facility to host and house sensory friendly vacations, built-in babysitting/respite date nights and monthly educational workshops that INCLUDE our entire families, their service dogs, the parents/care providers: I want to build a space where we can RESPITE TOGETHER. 

Goal is to raise enough funding to acquire this facility by 2023.